Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This Interconnected Web of Peace

Today I met with three marvelous women. Diana, Beth and Barb...It is amazing to me how there are no strangers in this journey...Only friends who continue to introduce themselves to me. Old friends call to offer support and new friends introduce themselves to offer support. The word "overwhelmed" in the best sense of the word comes to mind. I am convinced that there are no considneces...just sign posts.

I "found" this book called "Lines in the Sand" at the City libriary. It is written for kids (older ones as some of the poems and stories are a bit graphic). It is writings on peace and war from various folks...international flavors to be sure. Anyhow there is one poem I want to share because it sums up for me what I have been experinecing lately.

13 Ways of Looking at Peace by April Halprin Wayland

"It is a historic milestone of immense proportions. Is has never happened before, never in human history, and it is happening now, every day, every hour, waging peace through a global conversation." paraphrased from a March, 2003 speech by Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of teh United Nations, now Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Peace in Costa Rica.

Passing cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.
a cab driver teaches the chorus of a peace song

to the woman with freckled arms from Malibu,
who gives him a big tip and runs up the hotel stairs
two at a time
to write a letter to the editor

who tilts back in his squeaky chair and reads it
by the light from his arched window and then publishes
her letter

which my uncle Chucky reads in Anchorage,
inspiring him to write a peace poem on the blackboard.

which Ruthie reads, whispering to herself twice,
then copies down on a notebook paper,
folds, puts in her back pocket,
and when she gets home, smoothes out and emails

to Renee in Sweden
who !!!!loves!!!! it and immediately !!!!forwards!!!! it
to Finley in Hong Kong, Alice in New York,
Fadi in Beirut, Lyra in Moscow,

and Bruce near Netanya
who reads it at a candlelight vigil by the beach

which is broadcast to Saralee in Buenos Aries
(petting Spartacus, who is shedding all over the bed),

who phones Ross, telling him to turn on the radio,
good old Ross, who is eating soft vanilla ice cream
as he listens,
Ross, who takes out a napkin and his guitar,
and turns it into a song.

"This" Dr. Muller says, "is a miracle. This is what waging peace looks like."

My friends, this is what has been happening this last year. It probably has been happening and I just didn't know it but now I do and darn, if I understand it but the connections, like Diana said today in her example of the spider web vibrations, well, they are endless and wonderous and so varied. Literally, we will disarm the world...one by one, we disarm ourselves which touches the heart of the jailer, or the judge or the soldier or even a President...and the world changed.
We are each part of the whole. Such an important and precious part we are! I am so honored to be part of the journey.

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