Friday, January 26, 2007

Georgia! Peachtree country

We are here. Butterfly stomach, weak knees and all. Actually it is so good to see everyone. I can not begin to tell you the breath, length and depth of goodness among the other 15 of the SOA 16. Wonderful people...I believe some of cream of the crop...Sorry, I'm full of corny sap this morning.

Got a call as soon as I got in from the media guy at SOAW in DC...the Liz Brown? show wants to do a radio interview...more butterflys and upset stomachs...I am trying to read through the materials and get my act together.

I am working like hell to just stay centered and let God have the reins on this ride. The kids sound wonderful. They love looking for the "treasure" messages I left taped under things, and beind stuff. Now trying to get hiding places for 21 messages was in and of itself a feat. Then I had to remember what message went with what hiding place, went with what kid! My already addled brain went into overload and a must of wasted 20 envelopes.

Thank you so very, very much for all the prayers. I realize how much being held to the light lifts one's spirit and also banishes the shadows that try so very hard to creep in. The shadows that tell me how stupid I am for doing this, how scared I should be, how ill equiped I am to speak. But I then remember this is not my business as much as it is God's and then I just let go...and let the lignt shine. Please pray I keep that attitude in the coming days.

Jam packed day of meetings and such so I will try to write when I get a moment.

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