Friday, January 19, 2007

Date for Peace makers community Dinner

Hi everyone, I just wanted to jot off a quick note. I had this idea in December to have a dinner where folks who want to support my family should I go to jail, could meet one another. Well, I thought I could pull it off in January before I went to trial and found I could not. So I through out a couple of dates in Feb....someone suggested to ask Hartford Coffee Company if I could use their space. So I called Shannon and she graciously said, "Sure"

Now I wanted to see if Feb 18th when they close I think around 6:00 would be ok? I will bring Indian food and if anyone wanted to bring something to share we could share. I want to celebrate all the peace makers in this community! My action is just one act...there are tons of peace makers who are praying, offering monetary support, who listen to my fears and tears, who have offered to continue schooling my kids and cooking should I get jail time. I want to celebrate all of this because all these actions are drops in the same bucket! No act is greater or more important than another. So let's share a meal, talk, dance, and just enjoy this vast community! I would have this at my house but I don't know how many folks will show up, that is how wide and broad and wonderful this community is. I know there could be just a few or a whole coffee house full but anyhow, I want to honor each of you, gather us all and thank you somehow. So please, let me know either by posting on this blog or emailing me at to let me know if this is possible for you. I need to let Shannon know before I go to trial, so if you can please respond by the 25th of Jan.

Thanks so much.


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