Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday...after a looooong Saturday

I am sorry I didn't write yesterday...between talking with lawyers and listening to workshops about prison life, I was just too beat. When I finally got back to the room, I just crashed...talked to folks for a little bit and crashed into a deep but disjointed sleep....This bed is really small, and soft and well...though Cynthia is a great friend...I miss Sandeep.

Cynthia found this quote of Shelly Douglass I think it sums up what yesterday was about very well...she says, "Going to jail, doing civil disobedience, isn't all that special or threatening. It's just something that has to be done in a world where insanity is legal. Civil disobedience is a fact of life. I hope we learn to accept it gracefully."

I will try to write after the Festival of Hope tonight. I am well and feeling fine. I will petition the Judge Faircloth for probation but we shall see what he says.

I am holding this whole community of peace makers to the light with love.

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