Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Force More Powerful

I watched a the second part of a dvd called "A Force More Powerful". I highly recommend it. Looking at examples of Non-violent resistance and how it caused change, they look at the non-violent resistance in Denmark during World War II, the Solidarity movement in Poland, and the downfall of Pinochet in Chile. It is fasinating to see the different processes used in each situation. Historically, socially and politically as well as the spiritual components, you see how non-violent resistance is "a force more powerful."

I also found it was just what I needed as I prepare for this trial. I realized this trial is not so much about my defense. Really, there is nothing I need to defend. It is more giving voice to the changes needed to end torture and violence. I know some folks see what I did as "just breaking the law". But sometimes "breaking the law" is necessary because the laws may unwittingly foster violence. Allowing SOA/WHINSEC to exist is contributing to violence, to the unjust forgein policies we have toward Latin America. It is bigger than soldiers murdering citizens, though this is a huge part of it. While I am sure the action of trespassing onto Fort Benning will not in and of itself close SOA, it contributes to the other actions. One thing I learned is that non-violent resistance is a community action. It is not the action or idea of one person but of community. So each person who takes any action for peace, who desires to "disarm" themselves are contributing to the non-violent revolution. There was a priest in that DVD who said, "What is gained through violence, must be maintained through violence." This is so true! We do this in Iraq and throughout the world, don't we? So I wonder, what would it be like if people, lots and lots of people, in lots and lots of cities, sat in front of the Congresspersons offices, in front of military recruitment offices, in front of lawmakers offices in DC. If hundereds and thousands of us spoke in one voice, "NO"...I just wonder! I dream of this day. I hope I live to see it. Because the fear that Pinochet spread to keep people "in line" in Chile is happening here. Fear paralizes and holds hostage while the courage to stand up to the fear iberates. That is the Force more Powerful! May we have the courage to disarm ourselves and our society.

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Carrie said...

We hold your light in our hearts. You are a beacon of Peace in our world. Thinking of you
Much love