Saturday, January 20, 2007

And Carl Laughed

I see this blog as kind of like a chronical of a small piece of this journey...all the signposts that amazingly happen, just happen in the strangest places.

Tonight I went to a play called And Carl Laughed. It is an orginal play about Carl Kabat, OMI. It was put on by the theater group at Clayton High School. Now about the play....First of all, who is Carl Kabat? Well he is a priest. I bet he is a thorn in the side of his religious community. He is currently in prison for his act of civil disobedience here in Missouri. He dresses as a clown, breaks into nuclear missile silos, hammers on them, pours blood on them and then hangs a sign and waits for the authorities to arrest him. He has done over 17 years of jail time for his actions. He is 73 years old. Those are some of the facts. Now about the play...laced with orginal songs, creative dialogue and a masterful use of five gallon buckets (Carl's suit cases) this group of highschool kids from a wealthy school district, did an amazing production of the life story of a priest who has lived in the slums of Brazil, the Phillipines and Federal prisons through out the US... They artfully protrayed the tension between Carl's carefree spirit who laughs and plays the fool and his Gospel filled heart that cries with the poor,and sees the folly of the nuclear missiles. You met this man, both clown and priest who calls us all to be "fools for the Gospel". Hopefully these students and their director understand how their art is an act of peace making which calls us all to greater responsibility for our neighbors and our world.

Come to the Peace Makers dinner and hopefully you will meet them, (I invited them to come) because peace making happens in so many and varied ways...not just in acts of civil disobedience, but in the songs, the acting, and the message they gave.

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Diana said...

YES - the play was truly wonderful - with hope and joy as well as inspiration to continue to try and live one's live true to the heart - it's all about nuclear weapons and starving children - what else is there? To see these HS "kids" was amazing to me - I hope their parents are proud of them...and in a public school - such values and faith portrayed...peacemaking happens in so many ways. YES to life!~