Monday, April 2, 2007


Reverence is a gentle virtue; it is also strong. Reverence is a tender virtue; it is also tough. Reverence is a patient virtue; it is also persistent. Reverence bears no ill will toward others; it is able to bear the ill will of others when necessary. Reverence is a virtue that prepares us well to belong to one another; it reaches out to thise who have given messages of not wishing to belong.

When we approach others with gentle reverence, we bring gifts and share theirs with us.

- Paula Ripple

I found this quote of Paula Ripples so true. It is sometimes hard to do but it is always worth the effort, I think. I am finding these days that opposites live side by side. Joy and sorrow, peace and anxiety, hope and despair...This is what is real. what is not so real is either trying to always feel good or always think everything is bad. There are lots of grays in this least for me.

I want to bring a spirit of reverence with me as I go to Carswell. I may not always be reverent...but I want to be... I think the only real enemy I face there is fear. Fear makes us do and say things we normally would not say or do. Fear takes away our ability to freely freely lay down our lives in service or out of love. There is a part in John's gospel when Jesus says, "No one takes my life, I FREELY give it..." This is how I go into Carswell...I FREELY go realizing no one can force me if I freely lay down my life. I think love gives us the capacity to lay down our lives freely. Fear on the other hand, takes that freedom. Fear demands we close down and hold tight...Fear demands and commands and takes.

Yes I am afraid to go to Carswell. But I also have this faith that Jesus goes before I am not as alone as it seems...

More later. and thanks for you supportive prayers and concern

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