Thursday, March 15, 2007

Carswell Address and tips for mailing things.


I don't think I left my address on this blog yet. It does not seem as if I can get this designation changed. I am OK with this. If there is some small miracle that it does get changed, I will welcome that but if it does not change, that's OK too.

Anyhow here is the address and mailing information.

I wanted to give you my address as it seems this will be the only way we will be able to communicate after April 17 till June 18...

Please address envelopes like this

Christine Busch-Nema #92944-020
FMC Carswell
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 27137
Fort Worth, TX 76127

If you send a paperback must put that on the envelope. I can't receive any stamps, food, etc...pretty much only letters, photocopied things, some newspaper clippings...No hardback books. Hardback books must come from the publisher or from Amazon or the book store.

Please don't send any money here either. It will not get to me. (I am not asking for money, just want you to know they will take anything that is not just letters)

They will open and read all mail. Don't worry about what you say. I can not imagine they reading line by line everything and I really don't give a damn what they think about please write what you want to say.

Do not put stickers or tape on the envelope. No return address labels...evidently you are supposta be able to conceal drugs under these things. Why the stamp is not a source of concern is beyond me! Just handwrite your return address on the envelope.

One trick a former Prisoner of Conscience told me is to have folks put a little number on the back corner of the envelope to sequence the letters. The guards are in charge of giving out mail. If I have done something to piss them off or if they just don't feel like giving out mail that day, they can throw it away. If you sequence the letters by putting a number on the envelope or on the letter itself, then I would know if I am receiving all my mail or not.

There is a "satellite camp" at Carswell. If I get changed to this "satellite camp" I will let you know somehow. The address is the same you just have to put Satellite Camp under FMC Carswell.

In a few days, I will post some articles about Carswell. It really seems as if it is a hell hole for women who are desperately ill. Seems like a place where folks are starved for compassion. More later.



margaret bryant-gainer said...

"No one should have their "number" keyed into a computer and have a computer decide their lives." Tina Busch-Nema SOAW!6

Hey friend you are now quoted on the wvpeace website This is one of the most prophetic statements I have heard in a very long time!
love, maggie bryant-gainer

Diana said...

If Carswell needs compassion, then you Tina, are going to be a gift and wellspring of compassion to the women who are sick there. You have to be OK with going there because that is what is, and God is in all of it, in you and filling you with compassion. We continue to send you good energy. All will be well.

s jackson said...

I'm sure you realize I don't condone what you've done, but you are in my prayers. I've put my worries/concerns about your well- being into Jesus's hands.
Love you,