Monday, February 19, 2007

PeaceMaker's Potluck....An evening of community and great food

There are two words that seem to be a thread that weaves everything together...THANK YOU. Honestly, I am in awe of each of you. I watched last night as this great cross section of folks, young, old and every where in between gathered around some great food. Your offers to help shlep kids, cook meals, set up phone lists and pray with me truely overwhelm me. As I think about the evening it bring tears to my eyes. So much life-giving hope was offered in a world so often devoid of any hope. I found my fears of the unknowns lessen and my courage bolstered. How could it not be?

I would like to thank each of you personally but I forgot to have folks sign in. If you would, could you please either leave a comment with your e:mail address or send an e:mail to and give me your e:mail address?

As soon as I know of the report date and place, I will post it. I will also post the address and my "number". That "number" needs to be next to my name on all mail or else they will disgard it. In prison, people are numbers. Another step to try to not see people there as people.

Also, a number of people asked that I post any gaps in coverage with the kids. I will look at the schedule and in a couple of days, post any glaring needs i can see.

Please know that there really are no words adaquate to tell you how grateful I am. I am just humbled beyond belief.


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